The History Warehouse
...unpack the past
Breathe life into the stories
The History Warehouse opens the door for your guests into the lives of the celebrated and unsung through performances and personal interactions.
What sets us apart
All historical persons are thoroughly researched.
 We embrace the educational and entertaining aspects of living history interpretation. While the portrayals possess the charm you seek, our humor and personality will never overtake the presentation of history made alive.
All performers with The History Warehouse are professional actors. 
We embrace a difference between the scholarly and the performative. A professional actor creates an entry into the stories of our past, helping guests navigate into a realm both approachable and familiar. The skill and talents of an experienced actor provide that special touch that will create a unique and memorable event. 
All attire is period accurate.
We embrace a difference between attire and costumes. Attire is what we wear every day - our dress, our clothing. Costumes are worn for theatrical, visual effect. We desire guests feel that the person they see before them has stepped through time, therefore the attire is as researched as the portrayal.
The mixture of humor and heart in your monologue was wonderful and we thank you for telling Dolley Madison’s story. 

- The White House Historical Association
recent praise
"Thank you so much for sharing your expertise...
the students are still talking about the event!"
- Montgomery Scholars